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Cheese Of The Day: Anabasque




Striking that just-right blend of fruity and salty, Landmark Creamery’s Anabasque is one munchable wedge. Made by a pair of cheesemaking Annas, Anabasque is a Wisconsin homage to traditional Ossau Iraty from Spain’s Basque Country.

Expect sweet aromas, mild hits of salt, a clean finish, and a pleasant hint of sheepy flavor from this ewe’s milk cheese. Cave-aged for at least three months, the cheese holds a firm and hearty texture below its rust-colored rind, the result of light washings with a Brevibacterium linens solution.

For a solid winter warmer, sub-in Anabasque for Ossau Iraty in this stick-to-your-bones polenta soup. For a lighter approach, porky pepperettes turn a wedge of this cheese into a no-nonsense meal; or with sliced figs and a handful of Marcona almonds—finger food to kick off your next dinner party. A cheese for all seasons, we think Anabasque pairs just as well with both fruity reds and hard ciders alike.

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