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Cheese Of The Day: Bay Blue

bay blue

Bay Blue

|bey – bloo|

Created with Stilton in mind, Point Reyes’ Bay Blue is a cow’s milk cheese with a natural rind and blue-green veining throughout its paste. Mellow notes of earth and mushroom evoke its origins in coastal Marin County, and a hint of sweetness leaves a salty caramel finish, like the Pacific Ocean air.

After the milk is pasteurized and the wheels of cheese are formed, Bay Blue is hand-salted over three days and pierced on the fourth. During a three-week stint in Point Reyes’ curing room, each wheel is rotated a quarter turn per day to ensure an even dispersal of butterfat. Piercing the wheels with stainless steel needles during the early stages of Bay Blue’s three-month maturation allows air to penetrate the cheese, causing the reaction of enzymes and bacteria that produce Bay Blue’s colorful striations.

Bay Blue calls for a bold companion, like a barrel-aged scotch or a glass of vintage port. It makes a meal when heaped onto a juicy burger or steak, or mixed into a mushroom risotto. Try it crumbled on a crostini with a mound of caramelized apples.

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