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Cheese Of The Day: Blackstone




Named after volcanic outcroppings that surround the California farm, Bellwether Farms’ Blackstone looks almost like it was unearthed from magma. With a dramatic black rind, hand-rubbed with vegetable ash, rosemary, and black pepper, Blackstone is immensely Instagrammable. Inside, it’s just as dashing: Cut open, and Blackstone reveals a golden yellow paste polka-dotted with peppercorns.

On the palate, Blackstone benefits from a mixture of milk. Milk from Jersey cows lends that creamy mouthfeel and kiss of caramel sweetness, while sheep’s milk adds depth and mineral flavor. The earthy, herbal notes from the rind and the spicy peppercorn kick give it a savory side. Blackstone hits the nose unexpectedly, with background aromas of fruity mango and cake batter.
We love Blackstone alongside a lighter red wine. For added complexity, sip a Pinot Noir, Burgundy, or a hearty stout.

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