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Cheese Of The Day: Burrata




When we have downtime at the culture headquarters, we often dream about diving into pillowy pockets of buffalo’s milk mozzarella—and this cheese is no exception to our daydreams. In the tradition of the southern Italian classic, this luscious burrata from Colombian producer Deca & Otto is made using high-fat milk from Colombia’s many grass-fed buffaloes.

To make these little pouches, cheesemakers begin with the traditional mozzarella process. Curds are formed, chopped, and reheated until they become flexible. They’re then stretched and solidified. For that extra decadent experience, they’re formed into pouches and stuffed with stracciatella, a mixture of shredded mozzarella and buffalo cream: cheese filled with more cheese. Burrata is submerged in brine until ready to eat so it stays moist.

Place this delicate pocket on a plate for a few minutes, and that cream will start to ooze out. Cut it open, and it’ll explode into a delightfully gooey mass, with a stracciatella inside that almost looks like rice pudding. It’s milky on the nose and on the palate, with all the unctuous richness that we love in buffalo milk cheese. Plop atop pasta or salad, or garnish simply with olive oil before diving in with a spoon.

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