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Cheese Of The Day: Cambozola Black Label

cambozola black label

Cambozola Black Label


Here’s a party-ready wedge that’s ready to please blue cheese lovers and newbies alike: Cambozola Black Label is a soft and tacky cow’s milk blue with the voluptuous softness of a triple crème and a mild blue tang. It’s easy enough for those new to blue, but has enough nuance for discerning palates.

Made by German dairy company Kaserei Champignon, Black Label is a variation on classic Cambozola, the irresistible brie-style blue. Black Label gets a longer aging time in colder cellars, and has a pretty, dusk gray rind thanks to a different strain of white mold. Age does this cheese some favors: Black Label is richer than its counterpart, with pronounced sweetness and nuttiness and a slightly stronger blue zing. The gray rind adds complexity to both flavor and aroma. A soft-ripened cheese, Cambozola Black label has a moist and rich interior, so it’s a pleasure to spread. Eaten alone, it melts delicately on the palate.

To balance all that luscious cream, try Cambozola Black Label on a cheese plate with pickled vegetables. At culture, we love it with pickled okra spiked with smoked paprika; the zingy bite and addictive crunch work beautifully with a cheese this rich. For drinks, try it with a toasty stout for a full-bodied experience, or with a bubbly, dry white wine.

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