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Cheese Of The Day: Chandoka




Buttery Chandoka signals back to the distant days of summer with its fresh vegetal flavor. Made by Wisconsin’s LaClare Family Creamery in the style of a British clothbound cheddar, Chandoka has a hearty bite that carries notes of butter, cut grass, and lemon. Ivory-tinged and with a light-gold paste, Chandoka looks just as sunny as it tastes.

A 70/30 blend of cow and goat’s milk gives this cheese a sweet and accessible nature that’s tempered with a tang. The wheels are ripened for an average eight months, but with added age, this award-winning cheese becomes increasingly complex. Certain wheels might lend hints of buttermilk, cured meat, straw, and cooked carrots.

At culture, we pair Chandoka with drinks equally summery and bright: Think saison, cider, or fruity reds like unfiltered Cabernet Franc or Côtes du Rhône. With its toothsome texture and rich flavor, Chandoka is intensely snackable—try it in place of your usual cheddar on your next cheese board.

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