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Cheese Of The Day: Deer Creek The Robin

deer creek the robin

Deer Creek the Robin


Named after Wisconsin’s state bird, Deer Creek The Robin is made in the image of Wisconsin summertime: hot afternoons enjoying Colby cheese, summer sausage, and cherry soda after long days of working on the lawn. This very specific childhood flavor memory comes from Chris Gentine, cheese grader at The Artisan Cheese Exchange, who uses the cheese as a way to remember his grandfather—with whom he shared those iconic summer days.

Gentine partnered with Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese to create a Colby that recalls the American original. The result is a bandage-wrapped and waxed small-format wheel that’s an eye-popping orange all over. Cut into The Robin and you’ll find that it’s firm, but with an open, curdy body. It’s a cheese that’s fun to eat and also to behold, and it’s one of our best cheeses of 2017!

With a buttery taste and a pleasantly salty finish, The Robin is an unfussy cheese that’s best eaten simply. It’s comforting and easy to eat so snack on it alone, or slip into sandwiches, grate onto tacos, and melt onto toast. Try Gentine’s cherry soda pairing, or go for Pinot Noir for a good grown-up equivalent. An easy-drinking domestic lager is just as appropriate.

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