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Cheese Of The Day: Ewe’s Blue

Old Chatham Sheepherding Company

Ewe’s Blue

|Yoos, bloo|

Made entirely with sheep’s milk, Ewe’s Blue is a semi-firm wheel with a moist, creamy, and semi-firm texture. Reminiscent of Roquefort, this cheese has a rich, somewhat fruity aroma, and is bursting with piquant blue flavor.

The founders of the Hudson River Valley’s Old Chatham Sheepherding Company, Tom and Nancy Clark, had long harbored a desire to make a Roquefort-inspired blue sheep’s milk cheese. Initially, they teamed up with a Wisconsin-based company to age the cheese, but instead, they decided to construct a purpose-built cheesemaking room on their own land specifically for Ewe’s Blue.

To best balance Ewe’s Blue’s tangy flavor, we recommend a port or a zinfandel.

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