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Cheese Of The Day: Field Of Creams

field of creams


Field of Creams

These dreamy little wheels are packed with lush herbaceous flavor. Herbs poke through Field of Creams’ fuzz-covered white rind, hinting at the aromatic experience to follow. Made in a French bloomy-rind style by North Carolina’s Prodigal Farm, discs of this goat’s milk cheese are rubbed with a flavor-packed blend of rosemary, juniper berries, fennel, thyme, Tellicherry pepper, and red pepper flakes before they’re allowed to develop their fluffy rind.

Field of Creams is snow white and creamy-looking with a dimpled surface like a little cloud, and a plush mouthfeel to match. Aromas of freshly cut grass, lavender, and yogurt arrive upfront. On the palate, a mild but bright interior rounds out the hit of herbs. Try a smear of Field of Creams and you’ll instantly imagine yourself in the grass on a breezy Provençal hillside.

Pair Field of Creams with salty charcuterie. Plopped onto a sturdy flatbread cracker, it’s great on the go and for a picnic on a sunny afternoon. Though Field of Creams works with a variety of drinks, Grüner Veltliner gets our pick.

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