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Cheese Of The Day: Green Hill

green hill

Green Hill

|Green, Hil|

It’s no wonder that Green Hill is Sweet Grass Dairy’s most popular cheese. This deliciously decadent double-cream shows off the beautiful quality of Sweet Grass’ rotationally-grazed, grass-fed milk. Green Hill has a velvety interior and an addictively soft buttery flavor. Made in the style of Camembert, the cheese is created in a five-hour process that includes hand-ladling the curds into molds before aging the disks for two weeks.

Green Hill has an unctuous flavor and a silky, mouth-coating texture, with a thin rind that adds a toothsome quality. It has a sweet butter and popcorn backbone with notes of grass and cream. For that hit of umami, there’s a pleasant touch of cellar and funk. On the nose, expect lingering aromas of cream and sauteed mushrooms.

Green Hill pairs best with a sparkling wine—the bubbles cut through the cheese’s rich double cream—so consider Champagne or a light white. Beer drinkers, opt for a Belgian trippel ale. Let this cheese warm and then smear onto hunks of baguette, perhaps with a drizzle of honey, or serve with sweet preserves, dried figs, mild salami, and bright fruits like watermelon.

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