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Cheese Of The Day: Lillé Coulommiers

lillé coulommiers

Lillé Coulommiers

|Lihl-EY, Cooh-loohm-YAY|

Lillé Coulommiers is a simple yet sumptuous bloomy rind cheese. With a downy white rind around velvety ivory paste, this Vermont homage to French Coulommiers is delicate with sweet cream flavor and notes of mushrooms, butter, and nuts. Rich without being overwhelming, its clean finish makes it an easy snack. With age, Lillé Coulommiers’ flavor intensifies, its plump paste becomes gooey, and its rind turns the color of straw.

In 2009, the Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company started as a community effort to preserve a dairy farm in South Woodstock, Vermont. Committed to the farmstead approach since producing their first cheese in 2011, the farm uses milk from their herd of Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss, and Ayrshire cows.

As Lillé Coulommiers comes to temperature, the paste becomes pliant and supple, great for spreading but with enough body to eat with your fingers. Serve on a cheese board with sweet additions like honeycomb, fresh strawberries, and fig jam, and pair with an effervescent white wine.

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