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Cheese Of The Day: Rogue River Blue

rogue river blue

Rogue River Blue


Holiday celebrations deserve the most decadent trimmings. And indulging in the year’s best is most pleasurable in the company of good friends and family. So treat yourself, and your guests, to the lush, fudgy delight of Rogue River Blue. Christmas comes but once a year, and so does this cheese.

Rogue River Blue’s flavor is incredibly layered: Luscious notes of butterscotch and caramel are punctuated by a fruity tang. Mottled blue veining adds a hint of spice and crystallized bits of amino acids dot the cheese’s thick paste, adding a pleasantly granular mouthfeel. A waft of vegetal notes might linger from the cheese’s dressing of leaves.

Rogue River Blue’s availability is a fleeting whisper—but it’s worth getting ahold of. Made by Oregon’s Rogue Creamery using only the best autumn milk, wheels are then aged until mid-summer, when they’re wrapped in grape leaves soaked in pear brandy from a local vineyard.

Say cheers with a sparkling shiraz, double IPA, or an imperial stout. For a perfect winter warmer, a slowly-sipped barley wine, with that traditional kiss of sherry and malt sweetness, will perfectly play up Rogue River Blue’s complexity.

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