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Cheese Of The Day: Snowmass

snowmass raclette



We’ve got just what you need to escape the cold. Named for the nearby Colorado mountain, Snowmass is the perfect winter warmer. Inspired by raclette, the great melting cheese of the Alps, this savory washed rind softens sumptuously. Broil and scrape the bubbly layer onto potatoes, or melt onto roasted vegetables: The melted cheese is comforting, like a velvety blanket after a cold day on the slopes. (Here’s Snowmass in action.)

Made by Haystack Mountain, the cow’s milk wheels are washed frequently with brine and aged for two-three months, giving Snowmass its orange-tinted rind and hefty flavor. For this Colorado creamery, which was founded as a farmstead goat operation, cow’s milk cheeses are a relatively new venture. Haystack Mountain sources organic cow’s milk from local dairies.

Snowmass smells savory—think onions cooked in beef fat with a touch of tang. Its flavor is initially tart, though it softens with a buttery finish and a hint of caraway. This full-flavored cheese pairs well with subtle sides like potatoes, pasta, and cauliflower, and we’d recommend adding pickles to cut through the richness. Pair with Beaujolais or pilsner. 

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