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Cheese Of The Day: Split Creek Farm’s Marinated Feta

marinated feta

Split Creek Farm’s Marinated Feta


We’ve got just the treat to end your long work week: Munch on a morsel of South Carolina’s Split Creek Farm’s Marinated Feta and you’ll instantly be reminded of pizza. Upon tasting, notes of Marcona almonds hit the palate immediately, but quickly give way to olive brine and a medley of Mediterranean herbsall that good stuff you love on your ‘za.

These cubes are immensely satisfying to chew; the cheese is bready at first, then crumbles and melts in the mouth into a paste. Each block is juicy with olive oil, making for an extra luscious experience. Pair them with something to sop up the drippings if you have to, but this cheese is substantial on its own.

Eat with your fingers and pair with a vinho verde, a festive red sangria, or wheat beer—this feta ain’t fussy! Perfect for that solo weekend night cheese, but also for sharing with friends…if you have to. (Wanna get creative in the kitchen? You can totally DIY this!)

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