Meet the Sheep Behind Italy's Pecorino Cheeses
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Farm Animal: Pecora Sarda

Breed: Pecora Sarda 

Species: Ovis aries

Color/Pattern: White wool and face  

Average Height: 24 inches  

Average Weight: 92 pounds 

Region of Origin: Sardinia, Italy 

Over the years, the Sarda sheep has spread beyond its namesake island. Today, it’s found across Italy and is preferred by many shepherds for its mix of high milk volume and all-around adaptability, thriving in both lowland and mountainous terrain. Its rich, high-fat milk is extremely popular in the country, and is used to make many of Italy’s pecorino cheeses, including sheep’s milk ricotta and Pecorino Sardo—a richer, saltier cousin of Pecorino Romano made exclusively from Sarda sheep’s milk. 

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