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Ungrilled Cheese Sandwich

Ungrilled Cheese Sandwich

Man, why are you guys messing with fire? The ungrilled cheese sandwich is the way to go: weren't sandwiches made to go where kitchens can't?
Servings 1


  • 2 pieces caraway rye
  • Thinly sliced Emmentaler thin, and enough to make a pair of opera gloves for an unpretentious girl
  • Thinly sliced unripe tomato the kind everyone complains about
  • A little lettuce
  • Thinly sliced red onion you can use white onion that's been jacuzzi'd in hot water for a minute to mellow it out
  • Hellman's mayo or your own (mayonnaise supposedly has the strongest consumer loyalty of any condiment - you can go Heinz to Hunts, but you can't go Hellman's to Miracle)
  • Mustard optional


  • Add your condiments to the bread. Mustard on the cheese side, mayo on the veggie side. Or mayo on both sides. Take your cheese slices and fold them like in commercials -- this makes them taste better. Add the onions next, then the lettuce, then the tomato next to the bread. Eat it in private.

Will Fertman

Will Fertman is a writer and food business entrepreneur living in Berkeley, CA. A former staff writer and web manager for culture, Will wrote the Ruminations column for the magazine and spent lots of time wrangling social media. Today Will is the Director of Content and co-founder at the monger, a data-driven platform for the specialty food industry, supplying accountable information and transactions for producers, distributors, retailers, foodservice and consumers.