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Vermont Creamery Garlic & Herb Goat Cheese Dip is the Life of the Party

Vermont Creamery has taken their creamy goat cheese, added savory garlic and herbs, and whipped it all up into a dip that’s as classy as it is convenient.

Vermont Creamery is a company of firsts: first American producer of mascarpone, first American company to make French-style cultured butter, and founder of the country’s first demonstration goat dairy, among other achievements. Founders Allison Hooper and Bob Reese collided in a goat-cheese-smothered twist of fate in 1984, and embarked on a journey that has seen their two-person team grow to over 100 employees in the intervening years. Through it all, Vermont Creamery has remained committed to conscious growth and cheesemaking, valuing their team above all else—right up there with flavor, that is. Their cheese, butter, and other dairy products have won hundreds of awards at home and abroad, and continue to delight consumers with the purity of taste for which the brand has become renowned.   

The fresh goat’s milk at the heart of their product line is The Thing, and Vermont Creamery’s makers are experts in showcasing the milk’s natural flavors. But it never hurts to shake things up once in a while, hence the popularity of their flavored goat cheese logs and dips (Clover Blossom Honey or Red Pepper & Lemon, anyone?) You can’t go wrong with the classic pairing of Garlic & Herbs, which is why we’re shouting it out as your next go-to snack. It’s ideal for pairing with ready-to-dip vehicles like pita chips and raw veggies, or for folding into an egg scramble, savory scone mix, or pasta sauce. We chose to bring kaleidoscope carrot sticks to the dipping party, with their vibrant range of colors and tangy crunch. Which veggie in your life needs a flavorful, cheesy boost?

Sponsored by Vermont Creamery.

Vermont Creamery

Consciously crafted in Vermont’s green mountains, Vermont Creamery’s line of fresh and aged goat cheeses, cultured butter, and crème fraîche have hundreds of national and international awards. In their 34th year of business, Vermont Creamery supports a network of more than 17 family farms, promoting sustainable agriculture in the region. B Corp Certified in 2014, Vermont Creamery has been ranked one of “The Best Places to Work in Vermont,” by Vermont Business Magazine. Vermont Creamery is an independently operated subsidiary of Minnesota-based Land ‘O Lakes, Inc., one of America’s premier agribusiness and food companies. For more information, visit vermontcreamery.com. 

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