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Pimento Cheese: The Cookbook (St. Martin’s Griffin, Sept. 2014)

Pimento Cheese: The Cookbook

By The Runaway Spoon blogger Perre Coleman Magness, Pimento Cheese: The Cookbook gives modern variations on the comfort-food classic, with recipes such as savory cheesecake, cheesy breakfast popovers, and creamy Southern-style risotto

Grilled Cheese: Traditional and Inspired Recipes for the Ultimate Toasted Sandwich (Ryland Peters & Small, Aug. 2014)

Grilled Cheese: Traditional and Inspired Recipes for the Ultimate Toasted Sandwich

Author Laura Washburn was born in California, trained in Paris, and lives in London, giving this book about the American classic grilled cheese a decidedly global flair

From Scratch: An Introduction to French Breads, Cheeses, Preserves, Pickles, Charcuterie, Condiments, Yogurts, Sweets, and More book cover

From Scratch

From Scratch, a new French cookbook, goes back to basics to put homemade foods easily within grasp, thanks to simple directions and manageable steps

The Cheese and I by Matt Feroze book cover

The Cheese And I

In The Cheese and I: An Englishman’s Voyage Through the Land of Fromage, Matt Feroze chronicles his path to success, struggling not only with the craft of artisanal cheese making, but also the French language

The Science of Cheese

In an engaging tour of the science and history of cheese, Michael Tunick explores the art of cheesemaking and the science that lies underneath the deliciousness

Book Your Passage

There are few greater pleasures for food lovers than curling up with a good book—cookbook, that is. What could be better than digging into a wealth of clever cheese-centric recipes and ogling gorgeous food photography? Caseophiles are sure to find inspiration for many meals to come with these books on their shelves. Home Made Summer […]

Mastering Fermentation

From fromage to fish, from vinegars to vegetables, Mary Karlin’s Mastering Fermentation will teach you everything you need to know about how to make (and use) fermented foods

The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook

What makes a sandwich better? Cooking it in a panini press, of course!

The Way We Ate

A history of America as told through recipes

33 Pieces of Cheese

Keep your cheese notes organized using one-of-a-kind flavor wheels, texture meters, and more with a pocket dairy, perfect for a trip abroad or to the grocery store