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The First Raw Milk Buffalo Mozzarella Dairy in Paris

When wandering the streets of Paris, you’ll find a fromagerie on almost every corner. However, this dairy is something entirely new.


Wheys Less Traveled: Caciocavallo Impiccato

A visit to a street market in southern Italy might yield a glimpse of caciocavallo impiccato. This cheese is melted over embers and then scraped over a slice of bread.

My Childhood as an International Cheese Smuggler

Fond memories of smuggling caciocavallo cheese over the Canadian border.

braided caciocavera

Cheese Of The Day: Smoked Hand-Braided Caciocavera

Our cheese of the day is Smoked Hand-braided Caciocavera. Inspired by Italian Caciocavallo, this Oklahoma signature cheese is stretched and shaped by hand.