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Sheep Milk Yogurt - Old Chatham

Ask the Monger: What’s the Difference Between Cheese and Yogurt?

They’re both cultured dairy products, but they’re not the same. Cheese scientist Pat Polowski schools us on the difference between cheese and yogurt.

Ruminations: Art or Science? Reflections on Cheesemaking

Crafting a quality cheese is a daily lesson: A lesson in perseverance, patience, and people. By Cheesemaker Uriel Filiba of Klein River Cheese in South Africa.


Why Don’t Halloumi and Other Grilling Cheeses Melt?

The science behind the meltability of cheeses

Samples from Jasper Hill farm lab

A New Career for Scientists

A number of creameries are calling on researchers and microbiologists to help enhance the cheesemaking process

Kids & Cheese: Introducing New Cheeses

We’ve got some tips to help with introducing your kid to the wonderful world of fine cheese – hey, maybe you’ve even got a future cheesemonger on your hands!

Guffanti cheese caves

The Bacterial Boogieman

Bacteria is an integral part of the cheesemaking process, creating the flavors and textures we love, how can we balance this with the FDA’s concerns?

Kids & Cheese: Health Benefits of Cheese

Whether your child is overweight or nutritionally lacking, the health benefits of cheese can be a perfect way to get your child back on the right track