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In Bloom

When Fleming Pfann began making goat cheese in 1987, no one wanted to buy it. Thirty-three years later, Pfann and her husband, Britt, owners of Celebrity Dairy in Siler City, North Carolina, are part of the North Carolina Cheese Trail, a robust community of cheesemakers across the state. The trail, formed in 2014, is a […]

Crème de la (Triple) Crème

A behind-the-scenes look at American cheesemakers revolutionizing this French classic.

Natural Mimolette

Have You Met Mimolette?

With a pocked rind and unmistakable orange interior, Mimolette is one of France’s most easily-identifiable cheeses. Traditionally produced in the northern French county of Flanders, this pasteurized cow’s milk cheese is generally believed to be an interpretation of the Dutch cheese Edam. In the 17th century, France was importing significant quantities of cheese from the […]