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cheese and jicama

Great 28: Cheese + Jicama

Jícama might be one of the most underrated root vegetables in our modern diet. Pronounced HEE-ka-mah, the tuber is the edible part of a poisonous vine native to Mexico, and is sometimes called a Mexican turnip (likely because a whole jícama root resembles a turnip). Its crisp, white flesh, which emits a clear or lightly […]

Table of Contents: 2018 Great 28

Table of Contents: 2018 Great 28

This year, we cranked the volume way up. Now, don’t get us wrong—classic pairings like pecorino and pasta, apples and cheddar, and blue cheese and honey have their place. It’s just not in this issue. In our 2018 Great 28, discover some of our most creative (and tantalizing) matchups ever: matcha-tinged goat cheese with smoked […]