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Macaroni and Cheese Bandages

Macaroni and Cheese Bandages

Next time you have a kitchen mishap, reach for these macaroni and cheese adhesive bandages; just like the comfort food – they’ll help you feel better

Kombucha Couture Jewelry

Kombucha Couture Jewelry

Kombucha Couture Jewelry is made by fermenting tea with yeast and bacteria then drying it into a textile that can imitate canvas, leather, or silk

“Say Cheese!” Phone Case

“Say Cheese!” Phone Case

If your friend is always snapping pics, save him the trouble of the “Say cheese!” shtick and gift them this adorable “Say Cheese!” phone case

Temporary tattoo of a pizza slice displayed on the ankle

Pizza Slice Temporary Tattoo

Publicly display your affection for pizza with this fun, eco-friendly and waterproof temporary tattoo

Grilled Cheese Necklace

Wear your love for grilled cheese with this necklace from Etsy

Macaroni & Cheese Air Freshener

Smell like a winner with this fine mac ‘n’ cheese air freshener

Raw-Milk Cheese Evangelist Pillow

You can’t call yourself a true raw milk rockstar until even your decor says it about you