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Great 28 Pairings: Sarsaparilla

When you think “sarsaparilla,” do you hear Sam Elliott’s dusty drawl? Yosemite Sam’s flustered bark? Though more easily found in old Westerns than on supermarket shelves, this soft drink is uniquely suited to modern amaro-loving palates. Sarsaparilla gets its name from the dried root bark of Smilax ornata, a trailing vine native to parts of […]

Curiosity is the Perfect Pairing

It’s important to understand how flavors interact, but what’s the crucial ingredient to any cheese pairing? Curiosity.

5 Amazing Mustards to Eat with Cheese Hero Image

5 Amazing Mustards to Eat with Cheese

It’s National Mustard Day! Gather some salami, pickles, and a couple of wedges and party with these savory shmears.