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May Pairing: Gorgonzola Piccante + Lambrusco

Fire up your taste buds and grab a bottle of sparkling red—this cheese is packing piquancy; that’s why we’re pairing it with a berry-forward Lambrusco.

Great 28 Pairings: Bresaola

Bresaola is lean and packed with lots of flavor, creating a smoky, herbaceous situation that elevates any antipasto experience.

The Natural Touch

So what exactly is a “natural cheese”? Well, it’s hard to establish a set of category-defining attributes, but we try to give you a taste.

Lou Bergier Pichin

Cheese Of The Day: Lou Bergier Pichin

Lou Bergier Pichin from Italy’s Piedmont region smells like mushrooms and cave, but tastes bright and floral. Sip a crisp white wine for a springy pairing.