pea-goat-cheese-spread-750x368 In the Charcuterie Spiced Lamb Terrine

Spiced Lamb Terrine

Lamb aficionados will delight in this boldly spiced terrine with chunks of poached lamb tongue and whole coriander seeds

CULTURE_750x368_SPRING_PARM_poppy.crisps CULTURE_750x368_SPRING_PARM_stuffed.figs CULTURE_750x368_SPRING_CHEFSDISH_steamed.turo.dumpling shutterstock-Polenta-750x368 Baked scone dotted with cheddar cheese on a metallic plate with a butter knife Rustic winter galette tart with squash and onions on china plate Cheese oozing from a deep-fried crispy panko crust with a side of parsley and berries Pratost muffins with large flecks of salt in basket

Prätost Muffins

These savory muffins are presented to diners at Fond as a complimentary treat before the meal. Prästost is one of the most popular cheeses in Sweden, ubiquitous on holidays such as Midsummer and Christmas, but also frequently eaten for breakfast

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