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Will Fertman is a writer and food business entrepreneur living in Berkeley, CA. A former staff writer and web manager for culture, Will wrote the Ruminations column for the magazine and spent lots of time wrangling social media. Today Will is the Director of Content and co-founder at the monger, a data-driven platform for the specialty food industry, supplying accountable information and transactions for producers, distributors, retailers, foodservice and consumers.

Macaroni & Cheese Air Freshener

Smell like a winner with this fine mac ‘n’ cheese air freshener


Italian mostarda does for cheese what wasabi does for sushi

Raw-Milk Cheese Evangelist Pillow

You can’t call yourself a true raw milk rockstar until even your decor says it about you

The Cheese Knife

Forget a hot knife through butter, from now on we’ll say “like a plastic knife through semisoft cheese”

Whole La Quercia Green-Label Prosciutto

Show your love with American made prosciutto

tall shot glasses of brodo de parmigiano reggiano (parmesan broth) with black mushroom in each

Brodo di Parmigiano Reggiano (Parmesan Broth)

Parmesan rinds can create a rich, savory broth with virtually no effort

Moroccan Carrot Parsnip Soup with Spiced Yogurt

Moroccan Carrot Parsnip Soup with Spiced Yogurt

This sweet and earth vegetarian carrot parsnip soup by Chef Annie Somerville is topped with rich and spicy yogurt for a satisfying first course

Gus Rancatore's Creme Fraiche ice cream from Toscanini's

Crème Fraîche Ice Cream with Chocolate Turtletop Shell

Simple sweet and creamy crème fraîche ice cream is topped with a crunchy turtletop shell of rich semisweet chocolate

A Little Film About Cheese by Rebecca Sugar

An existential riff on small apartments and individually-wrapped cheese products

Mark Bittman’s Milk Freak-Out Part 2: Do Your Arithmetic

In my last post, I covered a few of the ways Mark Bittman abused evolution and empolyed weasly logic in his recent attempt to generalize his personal health issues with milk. While it came in the form of an opinion piece, I was troubled that the New York Times would publish anything in its pages […]