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5 Cheeses to Woo Your Valentine

Love is in the air (and on your plate). Impress your significant other this Valentine’s Day with a cheesy spread that’s sure to make their heart skip a beat. From rich and decadent triple creams to seductive truffle cheese, we’ve got you covered with the five best cheeses to serve on this love-filled holiday. So grab your wine glasses and get ready to fall in love with these irresistible cheeses.

Photo courtesy of Tulip Tree Creamery

Heart-Shaped Snapdragon

Nothing oozes Valentine’s Day more than a heart-shaped triple cream. This cheese is creamy beyond measure, and with the addition of spicy habaneros, Snapdragon is one hot cheese! If the idea of eating hot peppers on a date scares you, don’t worry, Tulip Tree Creamery also has a heart-shaped version of its classic Trillium. They’re only available for a limited time so you better snag it while you can.

Moliterno al Tartufo

Make your Valentine feel luxurious and spoiled with Moliterno al Tartufo. This savory sheep’s milk cheese is both coated and infused with thick veins of freshly ground black truffles for a truly decadent experience. This cheese can stand up to bold flavors, so pair it with your favorite vibrant red wine for a simple and sultry nightcap.

Murray’s Cave Aged Limited Triple Crème de Cocoa

Cheese and chocolate is a romantic pairing, but why pair them when you can marry them? To create this Valentine’s Day delight, Murray’s starts by slicing Four Fat Fowls’ buttery St. Stephen in half, and then places a wafer of François Pralus milk chocolate inside before sealing the cheese back up and letting it age. This is a limited-edition seasonal cheese and it’s sure to sell out fast. Buy it here (we’ve got an insider tip that it will be released on Monday, February 6 🤫).

Photo by Hannah Wright


Perfect for the hopeless romantic, legend has it that Roquefort was created when a young shepherd abandoned his snack of sheep’s cheese to chase down a beautiful woman. When his courtship was unsuccessful he returned to his cave and found a blue mold all over his cheese. Rather than throw it away, he decided to eat the new cheese…and Roquefort was born. Hannah Wright recommends pairing Roquefort with Al Green’s Gets Next to You for a soulful story of “wooing, heartbreak, and hope.”

Photo courtesy Vermont Creamery

Strawberry Spritz Goat Cheese

Is there anything more seductive than a crisp glass of Champagne? Maybe Champagne in cheese form. All jokes aside, Vermont Creamery’s Strawberry Spritz is an excellent choice for when you want to leave a little room for romance (plus, strawberries are a natural aphrodisiac). Pair this cheese with a glass of bubbly and a dark chocolate bar for a dessert that won’t leave you feeling weighed down.

Josie Krogh

Josie Krogh is culture's Digital Strategy Lead. She earned her master's degree in Agricultural and Applied Economics from The University of Georgia. Josie developed a love of food while working at farmstands in the D.C. area as a young adult, and discovered her love of cheese while living and working on a dairy farm on Martha's Vineyard. She is passionate about the food supply chain, fresh stone fruit, and dogs. Josie currently lives in Catskill, NY.

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