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The Best Cheese & Candy Pairings to Try this Halloween

Halloween is rapidly approaching, which means you’re about to be swimming in candy. Wondering what to do with all that candy? Pair it with cheese, of course! There’s no better way to elevate a spooky soiree than with an impressive cheese plate. We asked nine cheesemongers to tell us their favorite cheese and Halloween candy pairings. Whether you’re a chocolate lover, a sour candy freak, or a candy corn aficionado, these pairings are sure to leave you haunted by their deliciousness.

Fresh Chèvre + Sour Gummy Worms
Julia Birnbaum, Owner The Philly Cheese School

“Last Halloween I fell in love with Fresh Chèvre paired with sour gummy worms. The tang of the cheese is no match for the zippy worms, so it chills it out and the cheese becomes this smooth lemon cream. Plus it looks totally spooky on a board to have a log of chèvre with worms crawling in and out!” – Julia Birnbaum

Jasper Hill Bayley Hazen Blue + Mounds
Karla Lamoureux, Cheesemonger at Formaggio Kitchen

“I’m a big fan of blue cheese and dark chocolate, and I actually love to pair Bayley Hazen with Mounds! Bonus points if the Mounds are frozen!!” – Karla Lamoureux

Jumi Aarawasser + Peanut M&M’s
Tommy Amorim, Cheesemonger at Di Bruno Bros.

“The only thing missing from this cheese is something crunchy! The chocolate shell lends itself to the already-melting mouthfeel of the cheese while the peanutty brevibacterium from the washed rind is brought forward with the roasted peanut center.” – Tommy Amorim

We asked 8 cheesemongers to share their favorite Halloween candy & cheese pairings.

Fromagerie L’Amuse Brabander + 3 Musketeers
Tommy Amorim, Cheesemonger at Di Bruno Bros.

“Milk chocolate already lends itself to goat’s milk so well–then the fluffy nougat plays off of the texture and sweetness of the paste, elevating the subtle caramel and marshmallow tones of the cheese.” – Tommy Amorim

Red Barn Family Farms Vintage Cupola + Heath Bar
Ashley Grant, Owner Bountiful Boards Fromagerie and Charcuterie

“Cupolas notes of caramel and toasted pineapple pair beautifully with the buttery crisp toffee, and creamy sweet chocolate.” – Ashley Grant

Point Reyes Bay Blue + Snickers
Austin Banach, Cheesemonger at Guido’s Marketplace

“The salty/sweet crystally and fudgey notes of the Bay Blue elevate the chocolate and crunchy salty peanut and caramel in the Snickers.” – Austin Banach

Landmark Creamery Sweet Annie + Twix
Jess Galen, Owner Bloomy Cheese & Provisions

“It’s a flavor and texture explosion, with the right balance of sweet enough but not too sweet thanks to the earthiness of Sweet Annie.” – Jess Galen

Hoch Ybrig + Butterfinger
Michelle Vieira, Cheese & Deli Director at Carfagnas Market

“I’m doing a cheese and candy pairing class with a local brewery next week and one I’m particularly excited about is Hoch Ybrig with butterfingers! Another one that’s fun I’m doing is some Bleu d’Auvergne with the Count Chocula cereal snack bars too!” – Michelle Vieira

Mimolette + Candy Corn
Izzie Ocampo, Cheesemonger at Fairfield Greenwich Cheese Company

“My favorite Halloween candy pairing is candy corn and Mimolette. I was first introduced to this pairing at a NYC Cheese Church session last year when Erika Kubick was doing her book tour. Thank you Michelle (@columbuscurdnerd) and Erika for the pairing! I have been and will always love this maligned and polarizing treat.

Candy corn is nostalgia in a bite, chilly autumn night and costumed kids in jackets. When paired with Mimolette (6-12 months, your pick), I LOVE how the cheese plays up the caramel vanilla notes in the candy, and in turn the candy transforms Mimolette into a caramel toffee or fondant. I’m now itching to finish this pairing with a hot French vanilla coffee.” – Izzie Ocampo

Mystic Cheese Company The Cachalot + Butterfinger
Kate J. Truini, Owner New Curds on the Block

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