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Affinage Comes Of Age In America 

The steady growth of domestic artisan cheese has driven American awareness and practice of affinage. Expertise has been either imported or homegrown with input from the European tradition.


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Dishing With America’s Top Cheesemaker

When do you know that this cheese will be a winner? Culture speaks with Jeremy Stephenson, the maker of ACS 2017’s winning cheese, Tarentaise Reserve, on his strategy.

Vermont Creamery's Quark kosher cheese

Jewish Culture: Why Are Great Kosher Cheeses Hard to Find?

A cheese can be considered kosher if it’s made under rabbinic supervision from milk curdled using kosher rennet

Cheese Talk: Cheese as Running Fuel

From Goo to… Garrotxa?

Cheese Talk: Mites Are Right

Cheesemaking collaborations with bugs go back centuries—with results that continue to capture the imagination

Cheese Talk: Curd Mentality

Cheese businesses are turning to crowdfunding platforms for extra cash.

Cheese Talk: Vegan Cheese?

New makers are bringing plant-based products to the market, causing labeling confusion in the dairy aisle.