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How to Build A Cheese Plate on the Cheap

Cheese is forking expensive. There it is: the hard truth. The painful realization that I’ve been struck with as I reached “adulthood.” After ditching the plastic-wrapped singles of childhood and entering the world of my mother’s cranberry-crusted goat cheese log of happiness, I began to realize that this particular passion was no cheap feat.   […]

Madame Fromage - Cheese Blog

How to Write a Cheese Blog

Back in 2009, I began writing a cheese blog to record my mouse nibbles. I never expected to continue beyond a few months–especially since I didn’t know a thing about blogging, much less photography. Nine years later, I still look forward to sitting down to write my next post. Why? My site feels like an […]

Ratinaud French Cuisine in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Shop Talk: Ratinaud French Cuisine in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Having grown up eating his grandparents’ homemade pâté in Limoges, France, and then working in European and Canadian kitchens for years, classically trained chef Frédéric Tandy settled in Nova Scotia to start something of his own. “I wanted to do something different,” he says. “I saw that no one was preparing their own charcuterie, and the […]

Huckleberry's Natural Market

Shop Talk: Huckleberry’s Natural Market, Spokane, WA.

Huckleberry’s, Spokane’s first organic market, has been working with farmers, food producers, cheesemakers, and bakers to source fresh and healthful products.

creole cream cheese

The Revival Of Creole Cream Cheese

Creole cream cheese is seeing a resurgence in its native Louisiana.

Idyll Farms

Award-Winning Cheese From Unexpected Farmers

Idyll Farms produces goat cheese that’s rooted in the French style, but influenced by Swiss Alpine transhumance and pasture management and modified for the American palate.

city vineyard billings

Shop Talk: City Vineyard Wines, Billings, MT.

City Vineyard in Billings, Montana’s cheese counter, featuring dozens of imported and domestic offerings has become a major draw.

lamb chopper

Lamb Chopper: A Biker Lamb That’s ‘Born To Be Mild’

Aged from 3-6months, Lamb Chopper is buttery, sweet, and approachable, but not lacking in complexity, making it an ideal introduction to sheep’s milk cheese.