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Cheese Lit for Autumn 2020

Hit your local (online) book shop to grab and enjoy these cheesy reads all season long. 

That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life

During times of uncertainty, practicing self-care should be at the tippy-top of our priorities. But why paint by number when you can cheese by number? Marissa Mullen, the woman behind viral cheese Instagrams @cheesebynumbers and @thatcheeseplate, brings us That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life (The Dial Press, 2020, $28) which showcases her gorgeous boards, and breaks them down so any cheese fanatic can follow suit at home.

Essential Fondue Cookbook: 75 Decadent Recipes To Delight And Entertain

Bubble bubble, toil and trouble, grab some bread and cheese to double. The Cheese Poet, Erin Harris, is here to guide you through fondues and don’ts. In the Essential Fondue Cookbook (Rockridge Press, 2020, $14.99), find the fundamentals of fondue along with guides to choose the perfect pot, recipes spanning from savory traditional Swiss fromage blends to newer modern mixes, and lessons in proper etiquette to make your fondue party pop.

Hot Cheese: Over 50 Gooey, Oozy, Melty Recipes

If melty cheese was its own category in the food pyramid, Polina Chesnakova would certainly make it the foundation. In her newest cookbook Hot Cheese (Chronicle Books, 2020, $19.95), she dives into all things ooey and gooey with recipes ranging from American classics like cheesy tater tot hot dish to Khachapuri, a boat-shaped bread vessel filled with oozy cheese and runny egg hailing from the country of Georgia.

The Fonio Cookbook: An Ancient Grain Rediscovered 

Move over quinoa and farro, now there’s fonio, a tiny grain from West Africa. Good for us and the earth, fonio is a type of millet, celebrated in The Fonio Cookbook (Lake Isle Press, 2019; $24.95) by chef Pierre Thiam. Through his recipes, stories, and portraits of fonio producers, Thiam explains how this ancient grain creates nutritious and easy to cook dishes such as salmon with cheesy fonio grits and fonio milk chai.

Wildcrafted Fermentation: Exploring, Transforming, And Preserving The Wild Flavors Of Your Local Terroir

Plant-based lacto-fermentation sounds like an intimidating concept; but in Wildcrafted Fermentation (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2020; $29.95), Pascal Bauder thoroughly explains how the fermentation process is the easiest and safest way to preserve food. Bauder shares sustainable strategies for delicious plant-based ferments and provides a rewarding way to reconnect with one’s local landscape through foraged ingredients. 

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