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Cheese Of The Day: 1924 Bleu

1924 bleu

1924 Bleu


There’s more to 1924 Bleu than initially lets on. It starts out milky, but this buttery blue takes its time on the palate. As you savor a bite, salty notes grow as it builds to a strong and bitter finish. Aged in caves outside Roanne, France, wheels of this mixed-milk blue are mottled with blue veins and enveloped in a thin natural rind.

Unlike traditional French Roquefort, that’s mandated by an Appellation d’Origine Controlée to use sheep’s milk exclusively, 1924 uses half cow’s milk—the goal being a less pungent edge that’s more appealing to the US market. Each wheel, after all, is a collaboration between the US and French companies: US-based Peterson Company, the French Société Laitière de Laqueuille, and renowned affineur Hervé Mons.

A wedge as full-bodied as this can stand up to some serious sweetness. Try a culture favorite: Drench 1924 in infused maple syrup (Runamok Maple’s hibiscus flower offering gets our vote) and scoop up with a crusty baguette. For less mess, sip sweet wines like Sauternes or Moscato.08

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