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Cheese Of The Day: Buchette




On holidays merry and bright, consider Buchette, the delicate soft-ripened log from California’s Laura Chenel’s. Made in the style of French Loire Valley goat cheeses and nestled into wooden cups, this little Yule log comes in an Original white, like a snow-topped branch, and an ash-rubbed version that looks as though it’s been smoldering in a hearth. As you celebrate the holiday cheer over tasty treats and good company, place this at the center of any gathering. Pasteurized and made with vegetarian rennet, this cheese can be enjoyed by all.

Buchette has a strong, pungent scent reminiscent of clover honey and lemons. Its texture is spreadable with an intensely gooey creamline beneath its rind, contrasting against a slightly chalky center. A tangy, sour, and salty taste yields lactic and citrusy notes. Ash-rinded Buchette is softer and milder, with a clean flavor and notes of toast and grapefruit.

On a cheeseboard, both are crowd-pleasers with toasted baguette or use Buchette to top salad, gratin, steak, or roasted vegetables. With a fruity IPA or a crisp white like Sancerre, Buchette is worthy of a celebration.

Laura Chenel’s has been in operation since the late 1970’s when Chenel was one of a small group of woman cheesemakers to spearhead the production of goat’s milk cheeses in the United States. Chenel has since sold the company to France’s Laiteries H. Triballat, who carry on her cheesemaking tradition in a state-of-the-art creamery in Sonoma.

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    Is thiis similar to Busherdin or Monte Enebro? Thank you.

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