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Cheese Of The Day: Délice de Bourgogne

Délice de Bourgogne

Délice de Bourgogne

|Deh-LEES, deh, Burr-GOYN|

A cheese so luxurious that it’s like wrapping yourself in silk, Délice de Bourgogne highlights all the best qualities of triple crème cheeses. French regulations for triple crèmes require that fresh cream or crème fraîche is added to full-fat cow’s milk, which makes this cheese incredibly rich. With 75% butterfat in dry matter, Délice de Bourgogne has a plush texture that evokes pudding or buttercream frosting and a full but mellow flavor.

From France’s Burgundy region, Délice de Bourgogne is a made by Fromagerie Lincet in the style of the classic Brillat Savarin and Explorateur. Penicillum candidum growth on the wheel’s surface lends it a velvety white rind that smells of mushrooms and, as the cheese matures, a runny creamline along its pure ivory interior. Through that rich texture, the cheese’s flavor shines. On the palate, it has a lactic, slightly salty taste with the delicate flavor of butter and a satisfying savory finish.

Let the cheese come to room temperature, then dollop its soft paste onto crusty bread or add to sandwiches and any salad that deserves a touch of richness. Fig preserves make for a classic pairing. Sip a dry white Burgundy wine like Meursault, Chablis, or Crémant de Bourgogne—but on occasions worth celebrating, go ahead and pop a bottle of Champagne. 

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