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Cheese Of The Day: Dream Weaver

dream weaver

Dream Weaver


Perhaps you’re testing the waters of washed rinds, or maybe you’re just not feeling that funky: Bust out Dream Weaver, a pudgy goat’s milk cheese that’s stinky but approachable. Dream Weaver has initial flavors of goat’s cream layered with notes of yeast and vanilla. A pleasant acidity and a touch of bitterness follow for that beautiful balance of sweet and savory. Creamy and pliant, it melts deliciously in the mouth. Paired with sweet and tangy jams (tomato gets our pick!), it’s a dream to eat.

Dream Weaver is Central Coast Creamery’s first washed rind, and it’s already won highest honors in its category at the 2017 American Cheese Society Judging & Competition. For cheesemaker Reggie Jones, who’s had the recipe in his head for years, the cheese turned out even better than expected.

According to Jones, the creamery is always looking for something people will remember: Taste Dream Weaver, and like its namesake song, you won’t easily forget it. Even its bold neon logo is one that will stick with you, adorned with a dazed goat head in a psychedelic California vibe.

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