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Cheese Of The Day: Evalon




Evalon, a raw goat’s milk wheel, is one of the most famous products from Wisconsin’s LaClare Farms. Aged between 70 and 150 days, this cooked, pressed cheese was developed when the farm first decided to make goat’s milk cheese. The Hedrich family, who runs LaClare Farms, spent two years developing, sampling, and tweaking the recipe. That hard work paid off: This award-winning cheese continues to earn acclaim.

Made with milk from pasture-raised goats, Evalon is a sweet and supple cheese with notes of caramel. Flavors of fruit, nuts, and earth call to mind the lush green fields and whole grains on which LaClare’s does graze. With a rich and balanced finish, it’s a fine choice for any cheese plate.

Evalon shines with fruit-forward, semi-dry sparkling wine, cabernet sauvignon, or merlot. For beers, consider a stout or brown ale. With notes similar to parmesan, asiago, or aged gouda, Evalon is an easy swap for your usual finishing cheese and adds instant depth to any recipe. Pair with pickled vegetables on a cheese plate.

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