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Cheese Of The Day: La Petite Tomme

la petite tomme

La Petite Tomme

|Lah, peh-TEET, tom|

Read this, then head immediately to the closest cheese counter: After all, this gem of a goat cheese is only around from March to December. From Vermont’s off-the-grid, organic-focused Lazy Lady Farms comes La Petite Tomme, a darling little disk of crazy creamy cheese made with milk from pasture-raised goats. The goat’s milk supply naturally tapers off come winter, which means many of the farm’s cheeses are available only seasonally.

La Petite Tomme’s fuzzy Penicillum candidum rind calls to mind a brie or camembert. Inside, it’s unforgettably gooey and a delight to eat—if you don’t mind getting a little messy. Aromas of wet stones and cream hit the nose, while flavors of water chestnut, mushrooms, and minerals linger on the palate.

Serve La Petite Tomme alongside Champagne or another crisp white. Let the disk soften up and then dunk snappy radishes or hunks of fresh baguette into its oozing paste.

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