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Cheese Of The Day: Miette




Meet Miette: a dimpled bloomy rind darling from Missouri’s Baetje Farms. With patches of white fuzz and a bell shape, this cute little button will brighten up any cheese plate. French for “crumb,” Miette is a French-inspired fromage made with milk from pampered goats who thrive in the foothills of the Ozarks. The Baetje herd drinks filtered water from the farm’s spring, grazes in pastures, and eats all-natural whole grains supplemented with organic herbal tea, mineral supplements, and locally-grown hay.

Drained without pressing and dry salted, the cheese is aged only two weeks, so it’s semi-soft when sold. The result: A buttery texture reminiscent of a baked cheesecake, and a flavor that’s just as plush. As it melts in the mouth, this cheese yields the purest sweet cream flavor. On the nose it’s yeasty like fresh bread dough.

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