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Cheese Of The Day: St. Albans

st albans

St. Albans


St. Albans is a delight for every sense. To the eye, that wrinkly, brainy rind adds a beautiful contrast to its dark ceramic crock. On the nose, aromas of rising dough and warm asphalt are subtle and inviting.  It coats the mouth as it mellows from an initial citrus bite to a creamy finish—blooming with notes of salted butter, artichokes, and savory undertones. To touch, it’s luscious and spreadable like buttercream frosting.

Founded in 1984, Vermont Creamery was a leader in introducing French-style goat’s milk cheeses to the US market. With St. Albans, the creamery offers its first cheese made entirely with cow’s milk. It’s modeled after the French Saint-Marcellin. Like its French counterpart, St. Albans is soft and bloomy-rinded. The curd formed to make it is so delicate and moist that it must drain in cheesecloths overnight before being gently shaped into forms. As it ages over 11 days, the discs develop their rind, which continues to bloom even after being packaged.

Pair with a Syrah, sauvignon blanc, or a farmhouse ale (we love Hill Farmstead Brewery’s Arthur, if you can find it). Serve alongside some crisp fruit or fig jam. Or warm St. Albans right in its crock in a toaster oven, and then dip bread into it like an unfussy fondue.

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