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Recycle Your Rinds

Let’s commit to reducing food waste this year and re-use those cheese rinds you might otherwise toss. If you’re tired of parmesan broth, try these recycling tips from cheese pros.  

  •  “We steep Gouda rinds in cream and then make ice cream. So, so delicious.” —Jill Giacomini Baschco-owner of Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co.  
  • “I throw them in red sauce or beans, since both are simmered for a long time and can use the umami.” Tia Keenan, author, cook, and cheese specialist 
  • “I immerse Manchego rinds in Spanish olive oil. The more patience, the better—at least 30 days is best.” —Jeffery Mitchell, owner of Culpeper Cheese Co. 
  • “I fry them in olive oil! The rinds don’t have a ton of flavor, so I usually season the bejesus out of them.” —Nick Bayne (@thecheesemason), cheesemonger 
  • “I grill parmesan rinds wrapped in bresaola with a sprig of arugula and a touch of balsamico. It makes a super delicious canape.” Waldemar Abrechtsommelier  
  • “I throw them in when I cook greens.” —Jenny Glazer, cheesemonger   
  • “They’re good for noisy dogs and teething babies.” —Tom Van Voorhees, retail manager at Rogue Creamery
  • “I serve them as ‘ribs.'” — Tenaya Darlington (@mmefromage), author and blogger

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  1. Barbara Kermeen says:

    They add dimension to whatever homemade soup I’m making.

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