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Farm Animal: Norwegian Dairy Goat

BREED: Norwegian Dairy Goat

SPECIES: Norsk melkegeit

COLOR/PATTERN: Gray, blue, white, or mixed

HEIGHT: 16 to 23 inches

WEIGHT: 110 pounds

REGION OF ORIGIN: Northern Europe

Known for its delicious milk, meat, and (of course) cheese, the Norwegian goat has been a favorite of European farmers for centuries. Archaeologists believe these goats have been roaming the stunning landscapes of Norway for 5,000 years, where they merged together from a handful of different goat breeds native to Northern Europe. Today, each Norwegian goat (all 40,000 of them) is unique in some way—with different colors, patterns, and horn variations. One thing that they all share? The ability to produce uniquely rich milk that’s perfect for cheese.Perhaps one of the most beloved and iconic cheeses to come from the Norwegian goat is Gjetost (pronounced yay-toast): the iconic, candy-like brown cheese that originated in 19th-century Norway and remains a cultural staple across the globe.

Monica Petrucci

Monica is Culture's former Social Media Editor. Coming from a formaggio-obsessed Italian family, she was very excited to combine her passions for cheese and writing at Culture. She loves experimenting in the kitchen and pairing wine and cheese in her spare time.

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