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National Cheese Lover's Day

This Saturday is National Cheese Lover’s Day

This Saturday, January 20th, is National Cheese Lover’s Day. We know what you’re thinking: isn’t that every day? And we’re right there with you—but we’ll take any excuse to celebrate our deep appreciation for all things cheese. Here’s how you can honor the great tradition of National Cheese Lover’s Day this weekend. Happy celebrating, fellow turophiles! 1. […]

Artisanal Alchemy: Secrets of Bleating Heart

We talk design and innovation with America’s beloved mad curd scientist, Seana Doughty.

Artisanal Alchemy: Jacobs & Brichford and Distinctive, Sustainable Cheese

Culture talks to Matthew Brichford on his approach to curd development and defining his repertoire.

Cheesemaking Kits

Cheesemaking kits are available for everything from beginner-level mascarpone to advanced blue cheese and beyond. Some of our favorites come from New England Cheesemaking Supply, The Beverage People, Urban Cheesecraft, and The Cheesemaker. Check ’em out! Starting at $15 from Cheese Making.