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Cheese Plate: Friends in Ferment

Alisha Norris Jones guides us through a microbial pairing wonderland Photographed by Adam Detour  |  Styled by Kendra Smith As a magazine literally named “culture,” we’d be nowhere without the busiest bodies of the food system: live active cultures. You may recognize the term from your yogurt label, but they’re also in most fermented foods—a […]

Beer and Cheese for Father’s Day

What Dad doesn’t want beer and cheese for Father’s Day? Check out our curd and suds suggestions that have all been expert-tested and approved

Winnimere cheese being washed with beer by two men using brushes

Learn to Love Washed Rind Cheeses

Not for the faint of heart, but for those who look for a rewarding challenge, washed rind cheeses are the cheese equivalent of a Tough Mudder

The Beeroness Talks Craft Beer

Have Your Beer & Eat it Too This is the mantra of Jackie Dodd, whose blog The Beeroness is dedicated to cooking with craft beer. From beer and chicken stew to chocolate stout cake, Jackie knows how to make beer’s flavors shine. She caught up with culture to talk about her love of all things craft […]

A Lesson in Cheesecraft: Introduction

“Food has always been a great passion in my life.”

Beer & Cheese Pairings for Your Holiday Table

Cross-posted from my blog Paul and Amy on Beer Last week my partner in crime, Paul, and I had a tree trimming party. To keep our party-goers sated, we wanted to offer up not just a selection of beers, but also a cheese plate that would complement our beverages. We experimented a bit and now […]

chevre, yogurt, and mesophilic starter cultures in plastic zip-top bags from New England Cheesemaking Supply

The Many Mysteries of Cheese Starter Cultures

What is a cheese starter culture and what are the pros and cons of the different types?

A Foray into Beer and Cheese Pairing

Cypress Grove gets tipsy

Thanksgiving Cheese Plate Inspiration

Each September the Big E Fair is held in Springfield, MA, and for the past three years Molly Hopper has been invited to help a panel of six judges choose the best cheeses from a selection of over 150 from across the US. Hopper, who oversees the cheese program at Eastern Standard decided that she wanted to […]

Creme Fraiche Heaven

I may be biased, but I have to hold my hands up and say that I think that the Crème Fraiche made by Neal’s Yard Creamery is easily the best I have ever tasted. Since leaving London it’s been missing from my life and I had just about kidded myself that I didn’t miss it all that much, until […]