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A DIY Cheesemaking Primer

With a little patience and practice—and a lot of curiosity—anyone can make cheese at home using kitchen tools and a few basic ingredients.

What Exactly is a “Sharp” Cheese?

People often talk about how “sharp” a cheese is. What is sharpness, exactly?   “Sharp” is a colloquialism. Typically we don’t use it when judging or grading cheese, and it has no legal definition. You’ll hear it most often in the context of cheddar, where it’s sometimes synonymous with “aged.” For example, young cheddars are called […]

cheese lovers

Best New Books For Cheese Lovers In 2017

From pairing cider to cheesemaking at home, here are the year’s top reads for turophiles.


Are Some Cheeses Lower in Calories and Fat Than Others?

Grating cheeses are one great lower-fat option


What Cheeses Are Best for Making Fondue?

Not all cheeses are equal in a fondue pot

Gruyere aging

How Does Temperature Affect Cheese Aging?

Determining the proper aging temperature is crucial to producing the optimal wheel