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Taleggio Polenta with Mushrooms and Bacon

This dish comes together quickly thanks to instant polenta. Cooking the bacon in the oven ahead of time is an extra time-saver.

Spinach-Parsnip Soup with Brie

Vibrant and warming, this pureed soup gets its silky body and creaminess from melted brie

Chef Kevin Dundon's Smoked Haddock Smokey

Smoked Haddock Smokey

Celebrity chef Kevin Dundon shares his recipe for smoked haddock smokey

campanelle with mini lamb meatballs, greens, and gravy. photograph by Evi Abeler

Campanelle with Mini Lamb Meatballs, Greens, and Gravy

Spiced lamb, baby greens, and a dusting of citrusy feta keep this pasta season-appropriate, while creamy gravy comforts on still-chilly nights