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Totally Stuffed

Make your favorite takeout snack even better when you switch out some of its staple components with these drool-worthy replacements.

pork ragu

Spicy Pork Ragu with Mascarpone

There’s a secret ingredient in this spicy pork ragu from Tipo in Portland, Maine: agrumato lemon oil, created by milling lemons and olives together.

edible insects

Great 28: Cheese + Insects

A pairing for those who are most daring.

cheese and matcha

Great 28: Cheese + Matcha

The grassy, earthy notes in both cheese and matcha live in perfect harmony.

panna cotta

Mascarpone Panna Cotta with Cinnamon and Coffee

Mascarpone cheese gives panna cotta hint of tang. These Italian custards are the perfect party dessert.