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Best Cheeses 2019: Cow’s Milk Cheese

Photographed by Nina Gallant; Styled by Erin Riley Almnäs Tegel ALMNÄS BRUK HJO, SWEDEN “Tegel” means “brick” in Swedish—a fitting name for a cheese produced in massive blocks weighing between 57 and 59 pounds. A saltwater wash leads to the rustic, red hue of the rind, which encases a firm, smooth paste with a fruity […]

Best Regions: The US South

Cheesemaking in the South has come leaps and bounds from when it was known only for cheese straws and pimento cheese, and even further still from the days when all you could find at roadside markets was hoop cheese (made simply with cow’s milk and set with a round hoop mold, often coated with red […]

Sherry + Cheese = A Match Made in Heaven

Sherry is often misunderstood by the masses. But, this fortified wine with notes of hazelnuts and vanilla is a dreamy complement to any cheese.

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