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Cheese + Wine: Gewürztraminer

Spicy gewürztraminer stands up to bold cheese

Cheese + Wine: Malbec

From southwestern France to sunny Argentina, charismatic malbec gets around

Cheese + Wine: Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon blanc sings with seasonal goat’s milk cheeses

sweet wine (known as a "sticky" in Australia) with a piece of sheep's milk cheese

How Sweet It Is (Dessert Wines)

When it comes to playing well with cheese, sweet desserts wines are fast friends

sheep trimming the grass between rows of grape vines on a biodynamic farm

Super Natural Wines

Dedication to chemical-free, terroir-forward farming and flavors infuses the biodynamic wine trend

A selection of cheeses whose rinds have been washed with alcohol

Booze Washed Rind Cheeses

Cheesemonger Carolyn Bender gives examples on how to do a funky twist on cheese and wine pairing by serving cheeses whose rinds have been washed in alcohol

Cheese + Wine: Cabernet Franc

As spring’s fresh cheeses arrive, some wine lovers see red