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In Queso You Missed It May 13th

Photo Credit @ThatCheesePlate

Hey there, cheese friends… Wait, what are you doing still reading your phone in bed? It’s Mother’s Day! Today’s the day to bust out that brunch spread with plenty of cheese. We’ve got this week’s cheesiest news, so you can be the table’s resident turophile.

Here’s what you may have missed this week:

  • We love this guide to buying cheese like a pro—give these tips a try for your next weekend party.
  • That warm, sunny weather has us craving bright and fresh cheese plates. We love this springy spread from That Cheese Plate.
  • Has your grocery’s cheese section gotten a specialty makeover? Apparently, the souped-up cheese department is the new standard (and we’re definitely not complaining).
  • Mood: Chrissy Teigen’s cheese-craving tweets.
  • “Funky, savory flavor and a pungent aftertaste.” Nope, it’s not a new washed rind, but a marijuana strain called Cheese Quake. Would you have a whiff of that?
  • Due to the growing demand for dairy in Asia, British cheese is booming.
  • Apparently putting American cheese on ramen is a thing in Korea and we’re honestly intrigued. 
  • New Yorkers rejoice, the classic Bedford Cheese Shop is expanding yet again. Expect more prepared foods that’ll make your party to-do list way simpler.
  • If your vegan friends are jealous, send them to Brooklyn for the city’s newest nut cheese purveyor, Riverdel Cheese Shop.
  • Kraft slices and much, much more: You’ll never guess what librarians find inside books.
  • A woman attacked her boyfriend because she thought he stole her cheese. Understandable. 

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