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20 People to Know in Cheese
How does Annatto change cheese?
A Tinned Fish Cheese Plate

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  • Ever wonder why some cheeses are orange?⁠

    Psychologically, humans perceive orange to be warm and inviting. Physiological studies show it also stimulates our appetites. So, the decision to place a wedge of French Mimolette, Dutch Aged Gouda, Wisconsin Cheddar, or Shropshire Blue on a cheeseboard for chromatic variety is scientifically sound.⁠

    These cheeses obtain their sweet potato hue from annatto, a colorant extracted from dried seeds of evergreen achiote shrubs native to the tropical Americas. But does #annatto change the flavor of cheese? ⁠

    See what the experts had to say about it at our link in bio⁠

    ✍️ & 📸 @christine.rudalevige

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    🎟️ 🎟️ There’s still time to get tickets to the biggest cheese party in NYC! The @thecheesemongerinvitational is an all-you-can-eat cheese extravaganza featuring artisan cheeses from around the world.

    Watch as cheesemongers compete on stage for a chance to win it all, all while enjoying cheese 🧀 and drinks 🍺 and tasting their expert pairings.

    The event is this Sunday, June 23 at 3pm at @brooklynsteel. Get tickets at our link in bio!!

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    Soaking cheese in wine >> pairing cheese and wine.
    Murcia al Vino PDO is the only European goat cheese soaked in red wine. Made in the coastal region around Jumilla, Spain, wheels are aged for 45 days before being soaked in wine for 72 hours.

    Complemented by floral and fruity flavors from the edible rind, the creamy, mild, and snack-able cheese without the funk people often associate with goat cheese.

    Go to our link in bio to learn more about Murcia al Vino PDO and find out where to pick some up at a retailer near you!

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    Patio season is here and so is World Verdejo Day! It’s the perfect ‘patio pounder’ for those warm sunny days! Grab a bottle of Rueda, Spain’s #1 selling white wine, and celebrate with us on June 14.

    Did you know:
    🍷 Rueda Verdejo is crisp, fresh & complex, appealing to lovers of Sauv Blanc & Pinot Grigio.
    🍃 Rueda Verdejo has a long tradition of sustainable practices, well before it was trendy!
    👩 Rueda Verdejo producers celebrate gender diversity, with 2/3 of wineries run by women

    #wine #spain #rueda #DORueda #lion #verdejo #verdejoday #womeninwine #spanishwhite #summerwine #patioseason

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    Lights. Camera. Action. 🎬️ This past weekend, the @Tribeca Film Festival premiered Shelf Life, a unique documentary that delves into the world of cheese and aging. Directed by Ian Cheney, the film explores an unusual premise: can spending time with those who age cheese offer insights into the human experience of growing old?⁠

    Shelf Life is comprised of around a dozen short vignettes, each one portraying a different aspect of the global cheese ecosystem. From ancient origins in Egypt to today’s streamlined production methods, the film takes viewers on a journey across space and time, focusing on themes surrounding aging and decay.⁠

    Watch the trailer at the link in our bio.

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    Food writer @pamelavachon_words shares her paradigm-shifting experience at London`s @LaFauxmagerie, where she, for the first time, understood the allure of cheese`s vegan counterpart. ⁠

    "London, to me, has always been the pinnacle of urban cheese tourism. From the myriad stalls at Borough Market to legendary Neal’s Yard Dairy to any of Mathew Carver’s playful cheese cafés (Fondue on a barge! Cheese plates on a conveyor belt!), I’ve never left London without a memorable cheese experience. La Fauxmagerie proved no exception, and it’s a spot I’d introduce to cheese lovers of any ilk."⁠

    Read more of her ruminations at our link in bio.

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    Tinned fish 🐟️ & cheese 🧀 swimming in perfect harmony 💫⁠

    Seacuterie, canned fish, hot girl food...Whatever you call it, there`s no denying the tin fish trend has staying power.⁠

    While pairing cheese and fish makes some people nervous, that old school mentality is quickly becoming passé. ⁠

    We asked cheese pro Michelle Vieira @columbuscurdnerd to curate a #cheeseplate with her ultimate cheese & #tinnedfish pairings. “Like anything you pair with cheese, tinned fish has a ton of character and different styles, and different producers work differently with different cheeses,” she notes. “Often, I tend to question: is the cheese the star, or is the fish the star?" ⁠

    Get her pairings at our link in bio.

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    Happy National Cheese Day! While we love cheese every day, today we`re taking an extra moment to appreciate our funky & fermented food friend. ⁠

    Whether it`s building a fancy cheese plate, savoring a simple pairing, or eating it straight from the fridge, be sure you indulge in some cheese today!⁠

    🧀 Brebirousse D`Argentall ⁠
    📸 @ninagallant_ styled by @madstrap

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    Our annual Hot List issue is here!⁠

    This is one of our favorite issues to produce because it focuses on the people who make the cheese world such a special place. This year, we asked YOU to nominate cheese-stars for the list, and the result was an outpouring of thoughtful and passionate responses. ⁠

    On the list, you`ll find 20 makers, mongers, educators, and influencers who work hard to champion cheese and the people behind it. ⁠

    Go to the link in our bio to discover how these rockstars entered the world of cheese, what inspires them, and what they see on the horizon for their careers.⁠

    (Ohh, and if you don`t already subscribe to culture, now is a great time to take advantage of our Summer Sale)

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    Celebrate National Cheese Day with 25% off a print subscription to the ultimate publication for cheese lovers!⁠

    That`s 5 issues of culture shipped straight to your door for just $14.95. ⁠

    This deal wont last long, subscribe today at our link in bio⁠.⁠

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    Did you know the European Union is the birthplace of the global wine sector? ⁠

    In “old world” wine-producing regions wines often take the name of their geographical region, like Chianti PDO in Italy, Ribera del Duero PDO in Spain, and Champagne PDO in France. ⁠

    However, many wines in Europe are named for the grape varietal used to produce them, like Grüner Veltliner from Austria, Xinomavro from Greece, or Riesling from Germany.⁠

    Go to the link in our bio to learn more about wine from the European Union thanks to our friends at @morethanfoodus.

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    Cheese. It’s what’s for dinner.

    This hot weather has us opting for cool, creamy, and simple meals. And what’s more simple than a wheel of cheese?

    This ✨stunner✨ is Saint Martin D’Argental, a cow’s milk cheese with a lactic aroma, fruity taste, and velvety soft texture. Made in the heart of Burgundy, France, this cheese is the perfect summer indulgence.

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